Wild Trail

Coming soon

Scheduled for launch in 2024.

The Wild Trail is an artistic circuit surrounded by nature, made up of artworks at the crossroads of the practices of sculpture, architecture and design, scattered throughout the mountainous and remote region of Alta Rocca, in the south of Corsica.

Land of Lords, majestic landscapes and picturesque villages, Alta Rocca is rediscovered in a new way. Reactivating ancestral paths with the utmost respect for biodiversity, the Wild Trail draws on centuries-old traditions to look to the future. Designed as “endemic works”, created with local materials by local and Mediterranean artists, the pavilions are permanently installed 20 to 40 minutes walk from the heart of the villages, left for the walker to discover. Their insertion into natural spaces and environments contributes to the enhancement and preservation of both ecological and cultural heritage, aiming to reconnect with ancient knowledge and renew functions. Located in mid-mountains and inspired by the toponymy of the different places, the pavilions introduce an architectural reflection by questioning the inscription of man and his productions in the landscape.