Roma AmorThe Fall of Empires

Biennale of Bonifacio #2Soon
10 May - 02 November2024

By looking to the Mediterranean past, the exhibition attempts to grasp the mysterious prophecy at work in the mechanism of the fall of empires. In particular, it highlights the dialectical interplay between decadence and emancipation, vandalism and heroism, or ruin and foundation. These are the stages that always accompany the inevitable questioning of every civilisation.

Natacha Fume le Narguilé, Le Caire, 2000, Youssef Nabil and Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris/ Bruxelles

Ali Cherri, Grafting J, courtesy of the artist and Galerie Imane Farès, Paris

The artworks have been chosen for their equivocal beauty, as well as for their commitment which is not limited to a historical reading of the theme, but rather approaches 'empire' as an entity of political, moral or cultural domination that needs to be re-examined. The exhibition takes visitors on a journey through time to the heart of Bonifacio's heritage, a city that was the target of many powers (Pisan, Genoese, Aragonese, etc.) and even the temporary home of a future emperor: Napoleon Bonaparte.

This second edition of the Biennale, with just under twenty artists invited, recounts the nostalgia of lost paradises, the emancipation of thought, the slow conquest of freedom and the cyclical nature of the construction of an ideal that already carries within it the seeds of its destruction. It embodies both in its palindrome title - Roma Amor - and its visitor experience - a reversible itinerary that can be taken in two directions - the ambivalence of history, combining destruction and creation.



    • 00


      The Feast of Trimalchio ; Panorama #9

      Three channel video installation, 2009 ; photograph, 2020
    • 00

      Alexandre Bavard

      Site-specific installation

      More information to come
    • 00

      Ali Cherri

      Grafting (F) ; Grafting (J) ; Staring at a Thousand Splendid Suns

      Sculptures, 2018, 2019, 2021
    • 00

      Blanca Li

      More information to come

      More information to come
    • 00

      Hiwa K

      The Bell

      Sculpture, wood, bronze, 140 x 120 x 160 cm, 2014
    • 00

      Laurent Grasso

      Soleil Noir ; Studies into the Past 1, 2, 3, 4

      Film 16 mm, 11 min 40, 2014 ; wood paintings, 2024
    • 00

      Magdalena Jetelova

      Domestication of a Pyramid

      Mixed techniques
    • 00

      Shirin Neshat

      The Fury

      HD video, 16 min 11, 2023, Goodman Gallery
    • 00

      Sophia Al Maria

      The Future Was Desert, Part 1 and 2

      Videos with found footage, sound, 5 min 23, 4 min 35, 2026
    • 00

      Youssef Nabil

      In Love, Denver ; Natacha fume le Narguilé, Cairo ; Deux Djellabas, Paris ; I Saved my Belly Dancer

      Photographs, 2012, 2000, 2007 ; video, sound, 2015
    • 00

      Kehinde Wiley

      More information to come

      More information to come
    • 00

      Bill Viola

      Tristant's Ascension (The Sound of a Mountain Under a Waterfall)

      Video, sound, 10 min 16, 2005
    • 00

      Valérie Giovanni

      Territorii Vox

      Performance, installation of 5 looped HD videos, colour, sound, variable durations
    • 00

      Salomé Chatriot

      Plus d'informations à venir

      Plus d'informations à venir
    • 00

      Sergio Roger

      Ionic Column, Corinthian Column, Broken Torso

      Sculptures in linen, wood, mixed media

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